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Located in Metropolitan Atlanta, the Robert W. Hagan Family Foundation and the associated Hagan Foundations are based at Hagan Center in the historic district of Roswell, Georgia.  The foundation family is a non-grant foundation, choosing instead to fund directly and to work directly with nonprofits that support the foundations mandate. 

The geographic focus of the foundation is the United States and the Southeast. However, the Robert W. Hagan Family Foundation has been involved in international philanthropic initiatives within  private interests and within the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

Financial gifts from the group support:

  • Historical Conservation

  • Research & Development

  • Childhood Education

  • Fine Arts & Culture

  • Conservation

  • College Athletics


Sterling Healthcare was a legacy healthcare advisory group focused on long-term care, managed care and senior care. The group was managed by Bob Hagan and at its zenith encompassed operations in close to a dozen US states, employing a workforce of over two thousand. Today Sterling exists in brand name only, and no longer operates as a unified healthcare force. For matters relating to former Sterling Healthcare operations and general inquiries: 770-993-4000 


Legal: Dick Feldman, Esq. (dfeldman at sterling-health.com)

Hagan Capital

Hagan Capital is the Hagan family office. It is an independent group the firm independently advises various family concerns. To visit the family office website please visit: www.hagancapital.com